A vision God gave to Elijah Lesatele. 

God opened my eyes to something that was happening in the spirit during our prayer meeting and throughout the whole entire service on Sunday morning 13/11/11. The Lord showed me [Victory] church and on top of the church I could see a waterfall forming all throughout the church. Streams of water were flowing but there were rocks blocking the flow of the water from pouring out into the church.

I started to see the ceiling of the church beginning to crack, drops of water started to leak through hitting each person who were present.

While that was happening my eyes were taken above the church, above the waterfall where the throne of God was sitting! The waterfall happened to be His throne!  Each drop of water was the glory of God.

Revival is coming and I can see it is coming through the cracks where the rocks need to be shifted – through prayer and through worship! God was speaking to me saying “that one drop of My glory is nothing to what I’m about to do!” “Get under My waterfall and shift those rocks and I will pour out My spirit, My glory and My presence, everything that I have to share for my people!”

Don’t get comfortable with just the one drop or you are going to miss it, Heaven is invading earth and it’s closer than ever before! Allow God to open your eyes to what He sees.