A word God gave to Tamie Lazaro on Sunday 29th April, 2012.

No more excuses, you have no more excuses!  How many more sermons and words of encouragement do you need before you take your stand and fight for yourself, for your family, your friends and lost souls.

Take heed to the messages you are getting.  When the time draws nearer the enemy will not allow such priviledges.  Take your stand – don’t be lazy!  Tarry, tarry, tarry.

Do not fall asleep, do not faint.  I am with you, I will fill you to empower you.  Ask of Me, just ask, for it is for My glory, and Mine alone that things will be done in the coming and final days.  Search, hunger and pray.  Don’t lose heart.  Don’t look at the world.  See beyond the luxuries; see beyond the appearances and the mask that this world wears.  Once I touch them they will not have had so much.   You cannot live on money and bread alone, but by My Word.  Tarry, tarry, tarry.

Take that step – begin to pray like you’ve never prayed before.  Ask like you’ve never asked before.  Open up your heart so that I can come and fill it with what I have stored up for you.  See the release of My blessing – it will come.  Take up your sword!  Tarry, tarry, tarry.