Prophetic dream that God gave to Lesina Turua.

I had a dream last night (Friday 27th April 2012). In my dream I saw myself have another dream that had four parts to it.

PART ONE:  VCC as a church went to a fully packed stadium to listen to a speaker.  As a congregation we were all at the front listening to the Word. During the event the speaker wanted to specifically pray for Max & Bev, then our congregation as a whole. As we all stood, we were already in a certain formation, as following:

The speaker

Max & Beverley

The Elders of VCC

The Appointed Leaders of VCC

And the entire VCC congregation spread in multiple rows behind the VCC leadership 

 Looking back at the formation, I actually realised we were in formation that looked like an arrow head.  As the speaker continued, he said clearly ‘God says that the time is near for Me to
return ALL that was taken’. 
After he said this, people were slain in the Spirit starting from Max & Bev, the row of Elders, followed by the Appointed Leaders (Ministers) to the many rows of
the congregation.

 PART TWO:  I was sitting in a house catching up with [my husband and family], telling them in detail of this four part dream that I had.  While I was telling them, these different meteorite-like shaped rocks that glowed like hot embers were falling from the sky.  They started to really light up outside, but not set on fire. There were so many of these objects falling that that’s all that was seen outside every window.

 PART THREE:  It was a normal Sunday service at VCC and Max was speaking. The worship team were still on stage.  In the side corridor where children’s church is, a kid came out of ‘ALL STARS’, walked into the auditorium and went straight to Max and said “I have to share something”.  Max looked at this kid as if he knew something was going to happen, and willingly gave the mic. This kid started to pray, then prophesy.  In that moment, Bev started to really cry & sob, as did Max. The worship team as a whole removed their shoes and were all on their knees with face’s down, crying.  God’s anointing was so powerful that the congregation as a whole were crying, wailing, sobbing, lamenting. There was not a dry face to be seen.

Then the children from the ALL STARS, RAINBOW ROOM, and the next class up (not FUSE) all walked into the auditorium. They immediately all spread out and laid hands on
every single person in the church. Gods power, presence and overwhelming love was present, but it was new, refreshing and nothing that has been felt before.

 PART FOUR: I saw a beautiful lake, so light blue that I could see right through to the bottom floor. The lake was surrounded by picturesque mountains, trees, clear sky with few clouds etc. In the middle of this lake was a strong man. He started to worship. He was worshipping like never before that bright beams of worship was being released out of every part of his being.

A whirlpool was forming around him but was not dangerous. The lake made sounds of worship as did the trees, mountains, even the clouds.  Every part of nature was worshipping God. In the Spirit these bright beams of music and worship that were being released from the strong man and nature were coming together and intertwining with each other then shooting up to the heavens.    ENDS.