Parenting, God’s way

(Read Ephesians 3:14-20 (NLT.)  Some say to live these scriptures out will make you undefeatable.  Others say they are the richest words ever  written. Any man’s ministry never goes beyond his prayer life. Without a father there is no family. It is the father who brings the family into being. No father – no family

Every fatherhood is derived from the fatherhood of God. Every family should be an expression of God the Father. God is represented in society by every father in society.  Fathers represent God!

*       Every child forms his/her primary impression of God from his/her own father. If the father is loving and caring and easy to communicate with, the child will think God is the same.

If the father is irresponsible, (i.e. cold and distant, vicious, a drunkard, selfish, etc) the child will have an inclination away from God.

As a father, we have a solemn responsibility of representing God to our family, and to society. The supreme purpose Jesus came was to reveal God as the Father. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” [John 14 : 16] .

All people have three basic problems in their life:

*         Identity

*         Security

*         Self worth

All these are resolved when a person knows God as Father.

The function of a husband and father is to represent Christ to his family. The ministry of Jesus was as a Priest, Prophet and King. The father in the family is responsible to represent these three functions to his family.

Jesus never prayed for a child without the faith of the parents – He respected divine authority. God is concerned about Divine order.

*         As priest – father represents family to God

*         As prophet – the father represents God to family

Fathers have to take initiative to represent God the Father to family. Let the word of God be the main influence in your home.[ Deut 11:18 ].  Be natural in your on-going time with your children.  Don’t make it a religious practice.  Children have a natural aptitude to take things simply.  Get them included in your prayer life.

What does a King do?  He rules!  What does a father do?  He rules!

Undisciplined children are unhappy children. Children want discipline – they are then secure.  They turn to you for support – to take a right stand, etc. They have no peace without authority.  However fathers are not to be dictators.

Every father should model himself on Jesus. … it is fathers who make a nation great!  A nation is no stronger than its families. Where fathers fail; a nation can never be great.

Ultimately, the heart of the father must be turned to the heart of the child in order to bring the heart of the child to the heart of the Saviour. [Malachi 4 vs 5,6]


Share with the group your image of your own father. How has this affected your image of God ?

If you are a father, reflect on how you are doing as a priest, prophet and king to your family ?

Take this opportunity to pray for all  fathers everywhere.