The Seekers were a singing group of my day. One of their songs “the times they are a changing” remains current.


So what is the Lord saying to us? I think many of us have heard the call – Run that you might obtain… The Apostle Paul put it this way – I press on towards the mark… for the prize of the upward calling of God in Christ Jesus.

That upward call is to become a grown up mature son.


No worries mate..

A part of growing up is developing an ever-deepening relationship of trust with the Lord.

Not theory, not theology, but real life – full hearted trust in Jesus.


So what will that look like?

Psalm 37 tells us – Delight in the Lord and HE will give you the desires of your heart. So delighting in the Lord, is a mark of my trusting Him; taking joy in who He is; celebrating who He is now to me; rejoicing in who I am to Him, how He values me.


Philippians 4 tells us – Rejoice in the LORD always. The Spirit of God calls and says, “Listen up battered and disempowered heart, for I am saying it again – rejoice!”

The “Chara” (Joy) of the Holy Spirit, is tied into His “Charis” (Grace). It is His anointing power to function and our Heavenly Father expects us to increasingly access His grace.


The Lord then tells us to – let our gentle, resilient strength be known to all. He then says – The Lord is at hand. In other words HE is in this NOW situation. Whatever it is and HE will always be at hand. Then He tells us, in the whole situation, we have zero license to operate in the arena of anxiety or fear. NOTHING of fear or anxiety is to be carried in my heart. Zilch! Zero! Nil! None! At anytime at all!


Further to this 1 Peter 5.7 tells us what to do with our concerns – Casting all your cares upon Him for He cares for you. Literally, your welfare is His personal intense concern so you are to make the deliberate decision to bring your concerns to Him, and leave them there. All of them!


This brings a heart to rest, a heart now bearing an outlook and in a position to carry Christ’s authority, unblinkingly into the fray of whatever today brings.


Only delighting in Him can bring us to that heart condition of trust.



HE WILL GIVE YOU the desires of your heart