Life is a great challenge! Praise God for that challenge. Without it we would not grow and go into our God given purpose in our life.

A child in its innocence will have a go at anything in its immediate parameters. Some say even without fear of danger. We need to build a strong unwavering confidence that God is our Good Shepherd and will give us abundant life if we listen carefully to his voice and obey his word.

Yes! There are great challenges along life’s journey, yet the final outcome will bring us into our amazing destiny.

Let’s meditate on Pslam 66:8-12; 

Let the whole world bless our God
    and loudly sing his praises.
9 Our lives are in his hands,
    and he keeps our feet from stumbling.
10 You have tested us, O God;
    you have purified us like silver.
11 You captured us in your net
    and laid the burden of slavery on our backs.
12 Then you put a leader over us.
    We went through fire and flood,
    but you brought us to a place of great abundance.


Pastor Max Legg